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Kortext Premium+

Kortext Premium+

Calling all University Students!

Study smart with Kortext Premium+ and boost your learning with powerful new trusted AI powered study tools.

SIGN-UP NOW for a year's access to over 16,000 of the UK's top reading list titles and keep up with the latest news and events with over 1.5 million topical videos to support your course work - all for the equivalent of £10 per month!

The study tools included in Kortext Premium+ are powered by a trusted AI - this generates focused summaries, Q&A's and study notes all from within the ebook title you are viewing.

Use keywords to search the whole collection of ebook titles and videos - so you can drill down to exactly what you were looking for.

Share notes and research between your study group or lecturer and also store up to 5GB of additional study material - all in one place - Kortext Premium+.

All this for an annual subscription of just £120


AI Study notes
Automatically generated study notes to help you digest the information, you need, quickly and easily.
Cutting-edge generative Al summarises sections of copy in a matter of seconds, making studying smarter.
Reinforce your learning and challenge yourself with the innovative, Al-generated question and answer tool.
All of your work, including highlights, self-produced notes and anything auto-generated can be organised into workbooks.
Choose from a number of trusted formats and apply a trusted bibliography or citation to any of your notes (in line with your institution).
Translation of content into well over 100 global languages.
My files
5GB of cloud storage can be used to upload supporting materials from your device, creating a single streamlined workspace for your studies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use your scheme funds for this subscription. You can also top up with your own money if required.

This is available on all devices, mobile and desktop. Smart AI tools are available within the online reader (web browser version) on all devices - but all your notes and workings will be accessible across all other devices and also on the mobile native apps.

When you purchase this subscription - please ensure you use the same email you are using on your existing Kortext account. This way your existing account will be upgraded. Any ebooks you have already purchased and all your notes will remain - you will then have access to the additional titles, videos and amazing new study tools.

Any pre-purchase questions about Kortext Premium+, are best solved via the contact us page.

If you have more detailed queries about the Kortext platform please click here.

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